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Volunteer Opportunities - Click Here to apply.
The Columbus Santa Maria volunteer program is intended to present quality service to the public, support for the staff and to provide a rewarding experience for the volunteer.

Selection of volunteers is based on current needs of the Administrative Office and the skills and qualifications of the applicant.

Adult and Teen Interpreters/Tour Guides
1. Must be familiar with the structures and operation of the ship
2. Be familiar with the general historic context of the Santa Maria in 1492
3. Be prepared to oversee the publics safety while touring the ship
4. Be in sound physical condition and able to withstand a minimum of four hours in outdoor weather conditions
Work seasonal operating hours weekdays/weekends 4 hours minimum per week

Maintenance Staff
1. Have basic knowledge of tools and carpenter skills
2. Be in sound physical condition and able to withstand outdoor conditions
3. May be asked to set sails, maintain rigging and related activities
4. May be asked to assist in cleanup of ship and surrounding areas
Varied daytime hours year round

Office Volunteers
1. Help with basic filing, sorting and posting
2. Help with special mailings or events
3. Answer the phone, book tours, rentals, and overnight education programs
4. Knowledge of basic computer skills would be a benefit
Year round opportunities, minimum 4 hours a week or for special projects

Grant Writers
We need qualified grant writers to help us procure grants to continue our mission of education through community involvement.
Work from home

Volunteer Coordinator
1. The applicant must be able to schedule and oversee our teen volunteer staff and provide support for their activities.
2. Must be able to work well with teens.
Varied amount of time spring through fall

Overnight Educational Program Staff
1. Must be college age or older.
2. Must have basic climbing skills
3. Must be physically sound and able to sleep on the ship's deck and direct physical activities in all kinds of weather.
4. Some knowledge of knot tying, compass work and sailing would be helpful.
Most Overnight Programs are held on Friday or Saturday nights 6:00 PM to 10:00 AM, minimum of two times per month.

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