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Santa Maria Virtual Voyage
On the following pages, you can discover more about the Santa Maria, experience her transatlantic voyage and view images of Columbus' replica of the wooden tall ship. You may want to take a few moments to review the lingo prior to your virtual departure.

Nautical Glossary
Aft: In rear to or towards the stern.
Aloft: In the rigging, above the deck.
Avast: Stop. Quit what you are doing.
Aye! Aye!: "I understand and will carry out your order.", "Yes".
Belay: Figure-Eight knot tied around the top and bottom of a belaying pin to hold line fast.
Bight: A bend or loop in a rope; the double part of a folded rope. In knotting, that part of a rope between the end and the standing part.
Bilge: The lowest internal part of the hull where the bilge water collects.
Binnacle: Housing for the ship's compass.
Bitter End: The very end of a piece of rope.
Block: Wood or metal case for a sheave (pulley) or sheaves.
Bow: The whole forward end of a boat or ship.
Captain: First in command on any vessel.
Carry On: Indication that an order is finished being expressed and must now be carried out.
Doctor: The ship's cook, called so because he has knives.
Ensign: The national, maritime or navy flag.
Forecastle: Raised part of a deck in the bow or the crew's quarters. Also called the fo'c'sle.
Galley: The ship's kitchen.
Line: A sailor's word for rope.
Mainmast: A sailing vessel's principle mast, usually second from the bow.
Mast: A vertical spar for supporting sails and rigging.
Port: The left side of a vessel, as one stands facing forward.
Sheave: The grooved pulley wheel in a block.
Sir: The Captain.
Starboard: The right side of a vessel, as one stands facing forward.
Stern: The rear or aft section of a boat or ship.

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Overall Length: 98 feet
Height: From the keel to the top of the mast: 89 feet
Hull Dimensions: At the water line: 72 feet by 26 feet. The hull is 2.5 inches thick below the water line and 1.75 inches thick above the water line.
Weight: 130 tons with ballast
Main Mast: This 65-foot mast is carved from a single Douglas fir.
Hull Planking: 44,000 board feet of Port Oreford cedar.
Deck Planking: and spars 22,000 board feet of Douglas fir.
Frames: 24,000 board feet of Alaskan yellow cedar.
Sails: 2,700 square feet.
Rigging: 4,000 linear feet of line.
Knees: 1,000 board feet of White Oak.
Tar: 55 gallons used to preserve fixed rigging.
Lignum Vitae: 90 board feet.
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