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Overnight Program
Challenge yourself aboard the Santa Maria for a night of adventure exploring the life of a 15th century sailor aboard the most famous ship in history. Included in this section are materials which will help you to prepare your crew. To insure the voyage goes smoothly, we encourage you to explore this section in detail.

Program Info
The cost for youth and adult participants alike is $27.00 each. We need to have a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 40 participants to run this program. We will do our best to pair your group with another group of the same type and similar age, if necessary. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early!

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime
"What can I say about the Santa Maria…except that it is a Cub Scout outing unlike any other!!

Cub Scout Pack 112 from Kettering, Ohio is always looking for new and different places to take the boys, and this time I think we hit the nail on the head. From the moment we arrived we could tell this was not going to be just any other outing. The boys were so excited to see the ship, they could barely contain themselves. Upon arrival they loaded their personal items into the boat house and were given the rules for their voyage by the Captain and First Mate. The boys were given one last opportunity to complain before they boarded. It worked! I didn’t hear one complaint for the rest of the night. Well, that is until the next morning when we had to pack up to leave.

The boys loved being a working crew, and even boys that don’t like to do “manual labor” were caught working around the ship. Swabbing the deck seemed to be the most favorite thing of all…we couldn’t get them to stop! They also seemed to enjoy making dinner, tending the sails and hauling in cargo. All things they would never have chosen to do willingly. And when it came time to crash for the night, crash they did. The boys were quiet and resting peacefully within minutes. It was wonderful to sleep out under the stars, in between keeping watch. The morning surprise was also a lot of fun for everyone, but we don’t want to give away the secret (let’s just say we got a great view of the ship from up there.)

The boys enjoyed it so much that they didn’t stop talking about the trip all the way home, and for weeks afterward. When asked what their favorite part was, each boy simply said “it was awesome!” Thank you to the Santa Maria and her crew for the exciting adventure. We only wish we would have had the opportunity to buy patches to commemorate our trip. Maybe next time we are in Columbus we will stop by."

2nd and 3rd Grade Overnight Program
This camp program serves to introduce younger ship mates to the ship. The focus is on team work, vocabulary, map work, problem solving and introduction to life on board a ship. The program runs from 6 PM-10 AM and includes dinner, a snack and breakfast for $27.00 per person. Minimum number of participants is 30, a maximum of 40. Recommend a two-1 ratio of youth and adults.

Learn to “Talk the talk” of sailors, the parts of the ship, what the sailors ate, how they dressed and learn some of the things they did in their spare time. We will do our best to pair your group with another group of the same type and similar age, if necessary. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early!

Program Philosophy
Your visit to the Santa Maria will include a variety of experiences intended to offer a taste of life aboard a square-rigged ship during the Age of Exploration.

We hope to make history come alive for our guests and to realize a spectrum of objectives beyond just history. We find, for instance, that as a 15th century first mate, we can demand considerably more from a child than a 21st century "instructor."

We strive to guide our guests in restructuring their viewpoint to accept greater challenges and to demand more of themselves. The experiential aspects of the program are emphasized. Teamwork is a necessity.

Crews will find that they have to work together and cooperate if they are going to "survive." Crew members are encouraged to help each other as well as assist the officers.

We seek to merge living history with experiential education; we combine maritime lore, hard work, discipline and fun into an adventure many children never forget. Aboard the Santa Maria, we hope to continue to grow as a place kids can challenge their minds and bodies.

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Things to Bring

Sleeping Bag
Plastic Mug
Permission and Emergency Medical Forms
Rain Gear
Warm Clothes: Hat and gloves if weather warrants
Extra set of old clothes
Toothbrush, towel, miscellaneous hygiene articles
Flashlight (optional)

Things NOT to Bring

Games and toys
Gum, food, candy, sodas, etc.
Anything electrical
Weapons, matches or lighters
Watches (greenhands excluded)
Students should not bring more gear than they can   carry by themselves. Try to fit everything into one bag (a trash bag works great) rather than many small ones. Mark each bag with the camper's name and group.
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