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Guided, group tours dramatize the daring and determination it took for Columbus and his fellow explorers to set out on their mission. Experience the lives they led, interact with replicas of the navigational tools they used, play the games they played to pass the time.

Our tours bring history to life and teach through the kind of real world experience your students just can't find anywhere else. It will be a day that none of you will ever forget. And isn't that what learning is all about?

Make plans now for you and your group to visit the world's most authentic, museum-quality replica of Christopher Columbus' flagship. Simply fill out the online Group/School Tour Request Form to get started.

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Prearranged tours of 10 or more required to receive a group rate.
Adults: $3.50
Senior Citizens: $3.00
Youth: $2.50
Tours last approximately 45-60 minutes and explore every part of this working wooden tall ship.
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Welcome aboard the most incredible overnight adventure in History! Special Events At and Around The Santa Maria! Review Photos, Sketches and Historical Documentation! Browse and Patronize Our Sponsors!
Challenge yourself aboard the Santa Maria for a night of adventure exploring the life of a 15th century sailor! Special Events abound at the Santa Maria and the surrounding downtown area. Browse Santa Maria photos, sketches and historical documentation. Find out more about the organizations and individuals that keep the Santa Maria an historic centerpiece of the downtown district.

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