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Columbus Santa Maria Mission Statement
The Santa Maria’s threefold mission is to serve these purposes:

  1. The Santa Maria commemorates and interprets the first European voyage to America by Christopher Columbus, the sailing and operation of the traditional square-rigged sailing vessels, which made the voyage, and the culture and life of the crew abroad these vessels.
  2. The Santa Maria is a educational museum to be used to teach the importance and impact of the first voyage and the technology of the square-rigged ship through educational programs and experiences which are offered to school children, families, and adults.
  3. The Santa Maria serves as the flagship of Columbus, Ohio, the largest city in the world named for Christopher Columbus, and encourages visitation to the riverfront and other central Ohio destinations.
Santa Maria’s missions are to be accomplished through the exhibition and operation of the ship, and by using the ship as the focal point for special programs and events.

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Office Address

Columbus Santa Maria Inc.
1111 E. Broad Street LL
Columbus, Ohio 43205

Phone: 614-645-8760
Fax: 614-228-4771

Ship Location

The Santa Maria Ship & Museum
25 Marconi Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43215
(not a mailing address, ship location only)

At the corner of Marconi & West Broad Street, at Batelle Riverfront Park.

Phone: 614-645-0351

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Welcome aboard the most incredible overnight adventure in History! Special Events At and Around The Santa Maria! Review Photos, Sketches and Historical Documentation! Browse and Patronize Our Sponsors!
Challenge yourself aboard the Santa Maria for a night of adventure exploring the life of a 15th century sailor! Special Events abound at the Santa Maria and the surrounding downtown area. Browse Santa Maria photos, sketches and historical documentation. Find out more about the organizations and individuals that keep the Santa Maria an historic centerpiece of the downtown district.

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